os² - black sport
  • os² - black sport


    Popular for its subtlety and performance.  Featuring a laser engraved ebony wood toggle, our high quality soft elastic cord, and two bpa free rubber sport beads for a satisfying tactile feel.


    Many people prefer an os² because they can wear it anywhere they want while also remaining casual. It can be a great everyday stress relief tool for people who want to use theirs anytime throughout the day without trying to stand out. So if that sounds like you, then we recommend the os².


    Combining fashion and function, our hand made bracelets help take the stress out of boredom and are convenient enough to wear anywhere, anytime.  Each member of our bracelet family offers the ability to help regulate and stimulate, by providing fun and calming fidgets and exercises  - giving you a wearable low-tech accessory to help you get through the day.


    os² - black sport

    • Coordination Exercises: Great for training fine motor skills for any musician, artist, or athlete. 


      Calming Fidgets: To help improve focus and learning for add & adhd brains.


      Mindfulness: A physical mantra and reminder for practicing gratitude & mindfulness.


    Free Parking

    This is what we call the "parked" position.

    Park your bracelet when you're not using it,

    and be amazed how it never gets in the way.

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    Made in Canada
    Disclaimer: This product is not a registered medical device and has not been proven to prevent or reverse disease or injury. Consult your doctor before attempting to use the bracelet for any physiological or psychological benefit.