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os²⁺ - mustard
  • os²⁺ - mustard


    The color of sunflowers and sunshine, yellow is optimistic, and happy. Symbolizing mental clarity and intellect. 


    Featuring a laser engraved, eco friendly ovengkol wood toggle, our high quality soft elastic cord, and two PLUS sized 19mm bpa free rubber sport beads that offer an undoubtedly more satisfying feel than the original 15mm. Popular for its effectiveness and performance, the larger beads make the coordination exercises much easier, and also make fidgeting and the mindfullness position a whole lot more satisfying.  


    Combining fashion and function, our hand made bracelets help take the stress out of boredom and are convenient enough to wear anywhere, anytime.  Each member of our bracelet family offers the ability to help regulate and stimulate, by providing fun and calming fidgets and exercises  - giving you a wearable low-tech accessory to help you get through the day.

    os²⁺ - mustard

    • Coordination Exercises: Great for training fine motor skills for any musician, artist, or athlete. 


      Calming Fidgets: To help improve focus and learning for add & adhd brains.


      Mindfulness: A physical mantra and reminder for practicing gratitude & mindfulness.


    Free Parking

    This is what we call the "parked" position.

    Park your bracelet when you're not using it,

    and be amazed how it never gets in the way.

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