The old soul project was created to unite people

through the promotion of physical, mental & spiritual health

by utilizing the unforeseen powers of technology, story telling and one another.

If a bracelet has helped you, share your story here.

Out with the new, in with the old.

Technology is good but socializing is great.

Know when to ditch the phone like the good ol' days.


Alex's Story

The idea came to me while sitting in the middle of a geography class. I was stressed to a point where I couldn't focus on anything else.

It was that moment when I decided to make my first fidget bracelet. Originally, the idea was to help me be calm in order to remain present so I could ultimately focus better.

Now, it has become a fun tool that's resonating with people from all walks of life, in all sorts of different ways.

One of my favourite parts about the bracelet is that it can help you stay focused on your dreams..

... but what I ultimately love most is how it's a great reminder for us all take a break from the virtual world so we can embrace the real world around us.

The people. The stories. The love. The moment. These are the things that will set your soul on fire.

- Alex D'Oliveira

Founder & Creator