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old soul stories

Take a glimpse in the lives of some of the early adopters of old soul bracelets
If the bracelet has helped you, share your story here.

Harley W

We were after some sort of bracelet with minimal metal, and "bits" to play with - very pleased with the amount of bracelet received for the price, and the variety of materials. Even the metal parts never seemed to be sharply cold & 'metallic'-feeling to the touch. Highly recommended.

S Hudson

Thank you for coming out to our Cub Scout meeting last night! The kids has a great time and could have kept you making bracelets all night! My son loves the bracelet and will keep his hands busy when he needs to focus.

Meagan M

I had no idea what these bracelet were all about but Alex came to our cub scout group and showed our cubs how to make these and they LOVED them!! These bracelets make amazing fidget toys and even the adult leaders loved them! So incredibly impressed!

Untitled design (9).png

Brooke G

I’ve always been an extremely anxious person and whenever I go out I always find myself picking at my nails or counting on my fingers. So when I saw these brackets I was immediately intrigued. I ended up buying one and I love it. I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. It’s perfect for fidgeting and the fact that it’s a braclet is perfect because I am constantly losing things. It’s practical and perfect for people who can’t sit still. Awesome idea, keep up the good work!!

Michele Philip

These bracelets are amazing! I suffer from Raynaud's in my fingers and the bracelets and varying exercises have helped get back blood circulation in my fingers. I have less pain and the numb tingly burning sensation I wake up with every morning has disappeared. I also have insomnia and wear the bracelets during the night to help me relax and calm my mind when insomnia hits! Will definitely try the various styles. Awesome creation Alex!

Chloe S

I don't even usually wear bracelets but feel lost without my greywood os2 bracelet! Everything about it is perfect and it really helps when I need to fidget or stim. Alex is super friendly too. So glad I found the Old Soul Project!

Katherine Bartlett

I saw this brand being recommended on social media so had to have a look as I love fidgets. I messed up my order and I had a quick reply sorting it out. The bracelets are very well made and soo soothing. I struggle with anxiety and these are already helping. Will no doubt be ordering more in the future.

Myra W

I was looking for a fidget toy for work. I'm a barista with autism and I was searching for a bracelet I could easily wear during work to stim with and to manage my sensory input. The bracelet is great! My only issue is I believe I got it bigger than I needed which is fine! It was absolutely a fault in my own judgement.

Staci S

These bracelets are amazing! I have anxiety and ADHD, and I've been looking for a fidget to help me focus and replace my bad habit of picking at my nails. I've tried a couple fidget toys before but I didn't enjoy the feel of them and they weren't practical while typing at work and being on the go. Got two of these bracelets last week, and they've been perfect! I've barely taken them off and I've been able to go days in a row without picking my nails---nothing else I've ever tried has helped me this much! I also like how the materials feel and how well made they are, and the company even sent me a couple extra goodies in the package. :-) I'm planning to order more in other colors so I'll never be without these again. I usually don't leave reviews but I'm genuinely grateful for this product and I'm so glad I found it.

Christian B

I've always struggled to find a good fidget toy for my ADHD, but things like fidget spinners and putty never really worked all that well for me because I either tended to lose them or had them become bigger distractions. But the old soul bracelet was different, it was better if dare I say perfect. Not only is it easily portable and hard to lose since it's always around my wrist, but the overall design of it makes it incredibly easy to use and fidget with when I need to focus; heck I can even type on a keyboard with it on, I wrote this review while using it! plus when I screwed up my order by getting a size too small, customer support replied almost immediately and were immensely helpful and understanding which was just wonderful. 10/10 would recommend this to EVERYONE!


The company is so kind and willing to improve, I love that! The bracelets are amazing. Good quality and you can see the love that was put into them!


the bracelet has made such a difference for me and i've been able to focus more with our getting distracted during school and i'm able to easily reach it when in need

Emily G.

I love my Old Soul Bracelets! I got a custom Pastel OS(4) and I love how it fits my style. I wear the bracelet at night when I typically pick at my face. The bracelet has been a great tool to help keep my hands busy and away from my face. I also love squeezing the beads to help ground myself.

Laura B

If you need a fidget or stim aid that you won't lose and that feels great to the touch, definitely try these bracelets! If I'm anxious or need to focus I can tighten the band for constant pressure and roll the beads between my fingers, but it doesn't bring others' attention to my stimming. It really helps calm my other senses! When I'm relaxed it looks like just another nice bracelet. Buying another one now because I wear mine so much I thought it would be fun to have options :)

Alexander Q

I’m glad I found these bracelets, they are comfortable, customizable to your liking and most of all very helpful. I can’t tell you how many times these bracelets have helped me fidget or calm me down in stressful situations. If you have a hyperactive brain, lots of stress or anxiety I would highly suggest investing in one of these bracelets!

Anthony T

I have the full wooden bracelet, it is pretty stylish and went well with a lot of outfits giving much more of a "relaxed" vibe. It came in handy when fidgeting in class and not wanting to be that one guy who shakes his leg for the whole room to feel.

Owyn P

I’ve always worn bracelets for style, but now my bracelet also keeps my fidgeting occupied throughout the day.

Jay S

I’ve been using those bracelets for two years, they are part of my lifestyle. I suggest you give it a try, this little thing will surprise you.

Caroline T

I'm autistic and have dyspraxia and was looking for a fidget tool that would be easy to keep up with and take places and what I got was a really fun bracelet that feels great to play with and is fun to look at too. I often fall asleep with my fidgets and then have a hard time finding them in the morning but this one is still there on your wrist the next morning. The quality of beads is really good and they feel even better than I expected. My favorite thing about the bracelet is the pressure and the feeling of the beads when they're just resting between my fingers. It's really grounding. The exercises you can do to help with fine motor skills is a huge plus for me because I recently started playing an instrument and struggle with fine motor control. After using it for only 2 days I can already tell a huge difference. I found the beads very difficult to move at first and didn't think I'd be able to do it but now I can. I highly recommend this bracelet.

Breanna R.

As someone who has anxiety that manifests as repetitive behaviors (hair picking) having something that you can wear and always have with you is a great way to help me channel my anxious energy into something that not only is not harmful and self-destructive but actually allows me to improve my fine motor skills. This bracelet helps me be more present, allows me to focus, and helps relieve stress when I am feeling anxious. I wear it all of the time, use it while at work (I work on the computer 7+ hours a day), and also while at home watching TV when I am trying to relax. This has been a great tool in improving my mental health.

Zeena A

These bracelets are fantastic. I have had anxiety and adhd my whole life and recently I've been looking for some more outlets to keep myself calm and distracted. I found these bracelets and I couldn't be more impressed. If you're thinking about buying one, do it. You won't regret it.

Emily K

The bracelet really helps if you can not focus! It’s super helpful also in high anxiety situations , and helped me improve the quality of my writing

Jake F

I’m someone who always likes to wear bracelets and needs to have something in my hands when I get anxious or stressed. These bracelets are the perfect combo for me. It’s a good looking bracelet that I wear for the aesthetic, yet it keeps me calm when things get tough. Love it.

Samantha V

This bracelet was given to me by a friend because not only do I fidget constantly, I have MS which has impacted my hand coordination in the past. The help the bracelet has provided from a fidgeting standpoint makes it beyond worth it. I can actually focus now and am more productive. I am excited to do the exercises to help my fine motor skills and keep the mind/muscle connection strong between my brain and hands. I used to play with pick-up sticks to practice that and this bracelet is a game changer because now I can practice anytime and while I am on the go. Highly recommend it for anyone who fidgets or wants to strengthen their hand coordination!


I havent taken my bracelets off since they arrived! I love that I can still draw, drive, type, play instruments and video games, amongst other things while wearing them and getting excellent tactile feedback. I also have been able to focus better when I'm watching or listening to something because my hands aren't idle. The bracelets help with boredom, concentration, self regulation, distraction from chronic pain, and other things. They are the perfect stim tool for me, offering tactile feedback I've tried and failed to specifically achieve for years. As someone without a source of income, I can say, these were well worth my investment and have improved my day to day activities. Chronic pain and illness, ADHD and autism, mental illness, all these have been helped by my Old Soul bracelets.

Kyle R

My kids all have Old Soul brecelets and they love them. They help them stay concentrated, and think that they are just the greatest thing. What a great idea, very well made and cool looking. Thanks to Alex for making these a possibility and helping to put a smile on my kids' faces.

Natt D

I got a couple of bracelets back in 2017 when I was studying in Canada as I always found myself fiddling with pen caps and things like that. I started off with one bracelet and loved it instantly so ended up buying more in different colours. The texture and materials are really nice especially for someone with mild autism. They also made great hair ties so I didn’t have to have ugly hair ties on my wrist all time!

Tara D

The kids use these bracelets while watching movies to focus and sit still. When Wyatt gets angry he plays with his bracelet nstead of having angry outbursts. They like them alot. Savanah has eczema and she has a tendency to scratch at it and make it worse...the bracelet keeps her busy instead of scratching! 😁

Kevin E

I got my Old Soul bracelet to help keep my hands mobile. I was a hockey goalie and would get swelling from my hands being bombarded with pucks on a daily basis. Old Soul bracelets would help my hands stay mobile and reduce swelling. Now with the next stage in my life making cold calls was stressful for me and I would fidget non stop. I tossed on the bracelet and it instantly helped my body relax so I could focus on the task at hand. Highly recommend the bracelet for any athlete or someone that fidgets!


This is the best product for fidgeting in the world. I am a very fidgety person I will literally rub the couch to fidget Or jump in my seat. I think if it’s nighttime and I can’t sleep I would use it to calm down. OH DID I MENTION THE DURABILITY, YOU CAN LITERALLY DROP A BUILDING ON IT AND IT WOULD NOT BREAK (don’t try that at home plz)! I know that this will also help me while doing homework and animations etc.

Jon S

"I just wanted to say, this bracelet is FANTASTIC. I have barely taken it off since I got it. I'll wear it while I'm walking around the house, grocery shopping... I even fell asleep with it on last night! Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to try it out, I think this could go BIG."


"As someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, this bracelet is awesome. Whenever I'm feeling anxiety, I can just fiddle with it and it gets my mind off of it. It has been a great coping tool for me!"

Jacob R

"The bracelet is comfortable to wear. It is simple enough to fidget with at work and not be distracted by it.  I've even noticed that. I've been biting my nails a lot less now as I don't have to think about getting it out to fidget with it."

Deanna B

I got a bracelet for both me and my gf, and we've both been using them a ton. Initially got one that was too small for me, and I wanted a different type, and they were great about sending me a new one ASAP. Great company.

Madison D

I love this bracelet. It is great for fidgeting in more subtle ways. I got the one with two beads, but am going to order the one with 4 beads for a little more fidgeting. The two beads didn’t feel like enough.

Donna K

"For about the first 2-3 weeks I used the bracelet frequently, probably 3x a day. As I noticed improvement I used it less maybe 3-4x a week. Now I pretty much don't have any issues in my forearm I had before. My environment at work is: reception/admin, I assemble information packages to mail out and do typing. Some weeks I have more/less of this to do. The packages I put together consist of up to 6 different pages. Some docs have multiple pages stapled. I paperclip the docs together and stuff them into an envelope.  This week I assembled about 200 and my arm & hand didn't bother me at all. 


Typical of this era, I am texting on my phone, and doing other stuff on my phone so that can make my hand act up. So I do the bracelet exercises as needed. I'll probably work my hand after I send this email. I take the bracelet to work. I always have it with me so I can pull it out whenever I need it. I love that it's small and can fit in a pocket. Simple to use. Effective! Results can be noticed in a short time. I'm sure that would be different for other people depending on injuries. My hand/arm is probably stronger now. 

Mary Ann R

"The bracelets provide people, particularly kids and teens in an academic setting with processing information, the possibility of better performance.  Research has shown that sensory issues are common among diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHA, and Sensory Processing Disorder, just to name a few.  As a teacher and a parent of a child with processing issues, I have seen first-hand how the smart bracelets give my child the ability to have those extra few seconds to process information and formulate concrete responses.   

The beauty of these bracelets is in their subtlety. To the untrained eye, they are just something cool that hipsters wear and are perfect accents for a relaxed summer wardrobe. Yet, the beads can function as pressure points on the wrist, the elastic band can be self-snapped for attention or simply knocking them together is a socially acceptable pause.  The manual sensory of playing with them, gives the individual those extra moments to process and organize their thoughts leading to better performance and moreover, better self-confidence.  Whether your interest in Old Soul Products is for appearance or academics, you won’t be disappointed. My child has had her bracelets for over six months and they are still her go-to when she needs those extra precious seconds to process information."

Ruth P

"I have been using the bracelet as a tool to assist with my osteoarthritis in my left thumb- amazing tool to help with range of motion and muscle memory. I gave one to a young friend of mine who suffered from a stroke at age 18- he is a young vibrant hockey player who is regaining his life and is using the bracelet to increase his mobility with his right hand which has not come back in the last two years. This is an incredibly simple, yet effective tool for so many injuries, and chronic conditions that just need movement therapy!"

Oran F

"The Old Soul exercise bracelets are a great tool for de-stressing and keeping your hands busy. I wear it almost every day at school and find myself playing with the wooden beads when I'm deep in thought. In a way it helps me concentrate on what I'm thinking about. Alex instructed me on how to use them for dexterity exercises and, as a Kinesiology graduate, I'd recommend this product if you want to improve your finger strength and fine motor control.  Alex was kind enough to let me try one of his bracelets out, and soon after I was buying one for myself and a few of my buddies.  Not only do they help with concentration and dexterity, they look good too!  I've had many compliments on my bracelets these in the short time that I've been wearing them!"

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