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old soul stories

Take a glimpse in the lives of some of the early adopters of the old soul bracelet
If the bracelet has helped you, share your story here.

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Ruth P.
active mother / osteoarthritis

"I have been using the bracelet as a tool to assist with my osteoarthritis in my left thumb- amazing tool to help with range of motion and muscle memory. I gave one to a young friend of mine who suffered from a stroke at age 18- he is a young vibrant hockey player who is regaining his life and is using the bracelet to increase his mobility with his right hand which has not come back in the last two years. This is an incredibly simple, yet effective tool for so many injuries, and chronic conditions that just need movement therapy! "

Donna K.
Diagnosed with carpel tunnel.

"For about the first 2-3 weeks I used the bracelet frequently, probably 3x a day. As I noticed improvement I used it less maybe 3-4x a week. Now I pretty much don't have any issues in my forearm I had before. My environment at work is: reception/admin, I assemble information packages to mail out and do typing. Some weeks I have more/less of this to do. The packages I put together consist of up to 6 different pages. Some docs have multiple pages stapled. I paperclip the docs together and stuff them into an envelope.  This week I assembled about 200 and my arm & hand didn't bother me at all. 


Typical of this era, I am texting on my phone, and doing other stuff on my phone so that can make my hand act up. So I do the bracelet exercises as needed. I'll probably work my hand after I send this email. I take the bracelet to work. I always have it with me so I can pull it out whenever I need it. I love that it's small and can fit in a pocket. Simple to use. Effective! Results can be noticed in a short time. I'm sure that would be different for other people depending on injuries. My hand/arm is probably stronger now. 

Mary Ann R.
Teacher & Mother

"The bracelets provide people, particularly kids and teens in an academic setting with processing information, the possibility of better performance.  Research has shown that sensory issues are common among diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHA, and Sensory Processing Disorder, just to name a few.  As a teacher and a parent of a child with processing issues, I have seen first-hand how the smart bracelets give my child the ability to have those extra few seconds to process information and formulate concrete responses.   

The beauty of these bracelets is in their subtlety. To the untrained eye, they are just something cool that hipsters wear and are perfect accents for a relaxed summer wardrobe. Yet, the beads can function as pressure points on the wrist, the elastic band can be self-snapped for attention or simply knocking them together is a socially acceptable pause.  The manual sensory of playing with them, gives the individual those extra moments to process and organize their thoughts leading to better performance and moreover, better self-confidence.  Whether your interest in Old Soul Products is for appearance or academics, you won’t be disappointed. My child has had her bracelets for over six months and they are still her go-to when she needs those extra precious seconds to process information."

Jacob R.
University Student

"The bracelet is comfortable to wear. It is simple enough to fidget with at work and not be distracted by it.  I've even noticed that. I've been biting my nails a lot less now as I don't have to think about getting it out to fidget with it."

Oran F.
Human Kinetics University Student

"The Old Soul exercise bracelets are a great tool for de-stressing and keeping your hands busy. I wear it almost every day at school and find myself playing with the wooden beads when I'm deep in thought. In a way it helps me concentrate on what I'm thinking about. Alex instructed me on how to use them for dexterity exercises and, as a Kinesiology graduate, I'd recommend this product if you want to improve your finger strength and fine motor control.  Alex was kind enough to let me try one of his bracelets out, and soon after I was buying one for myself and a few of my buddies.  Not only do they help with concentration and dexterity, they look good too!  I've had many compliments on my bracelets these in the short time that I've been wearing them!"

Jon S.
University Student

"I just wanted to say, this bracelet is FANTASTIC. I have barely taken it off since I got it. I'll wear it while I'm walking around the house, grocery shopping... I even fell asleep with it on last night! Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to try it out, I think this could go BIG."


"As someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, this bracelet is awesome. Whenever I'm feeling anxiety, I can just fiddle with it and it gets my mind off of it. It has been a great coping tool for me!"

University Student

"Got to know Alex and about Old Soul Project when I met him in my first year entrepreneur class. Loved the idea of the bracelet and decided to get one. I remember talking with Alex about the different ideas the bracelet could be used for, and right away I was able to practice the different exercises and fidgets. Right away I noticed I wouldn't grab for my phone in class or while driving because the bracelet was able to keep me distracted from my phone, and more focused on the things I needed to be doing. Found the bracelets to really help me, and I even got my girlfriend one as well. Definitely getting myself more and hoping I can get more people into them!"

Kinesiology Graduate

"From the frist day i was introduced to these bracletes i fell in love with them. From the stories they tell, the connections and relationships they build and the overall culture old soul brings, I truly believe in this product. I have peraonally used this product as an exercise tool to build better finger dexterity and grip strength. As well, it is an amazing figet tool. Overall, i would recommend this to anyone since there are unlimited purposes for it. The question is, what will you use it for?"

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