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os²⁺ - custom
  • Customize and personalize your very own os²⁺ bracelet for a more personalized, one of a kind piece. What's your favourite colour combo? What does it remind you of?


    **Warning: Choking Hazard. Not for children under 6. Make sure not to keep your bracelet too tight to your wrist. Park your bracelet after playing with it to keep it from cutting your circulation. If your bracelet is too small, please contact us.**

    os²⁺ - custom

    Bead Colour
    Bead Colour #2
    • Coordination Exercises: Great for training fine motor skills for any musician, artist, or athlete. 


      Calming Fidgets: To help improve focus and learning for add & adhd brains.


      Mindfulness: A physical mantra and reminder for practicing gratitude & mindfulness.