More than
just a bracelet.

What if a simple piece of jewellery could improve your life ?


Old Soul Bracelets

Naturally relieve stress anytime, anywhere, unlike ever before.


The moment is now.

Learn how you can naturally cope with stress by using old methods in a fun new way.



the moment

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A wearable mantra that provides an
instant calming effect when you need it most.
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Challenging coordination exercises to help 
strengthen the hand and get the brain into gear.
(Like yoga for your fingers!)
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Cope with under & overstimulation so you can focus on learning, thinking & creating.
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old soul bracelets

A family of sensory bracelets that were designed to help naturally
relieve stress, improve focus and train fine motor skills anytime, anywhere. 
Great for kids, artists, athletes, musicians, autistic people and those who are ADHD.
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