os⁰ - orbit (pack of 3)

os⁰ - orbit (pack of 4)


The sun, floating in the abyss. The orbit wrist band symbolizes the cycle of life.


Featuring our signature soft and stretchy cord, representing the emptiness of space and the abyss. As well as our large antique brass crimp, symbolizing the sun and all the life that it gives us. With every rising of the sun, think of your like as just begun.


The crimp is handy for plucking gently against your wrist, providing a noticable difference than just plucking a cord. (Flip the bracelet around if you prefer to pluck the soft cord against your wrist instead ! :)


Tired of your "one size fits all" hair ties?  Our wide range of sizes allow you to choose the size that's right for you.


A great way to always remember to live with your heart and soul on your sleeve.


**Warning: Choking Hazard. Not recommended for children under 6.  If your bracelet is too small, please contact us.**

os⁰ - orbit (pack of 3)

Cord Colour: Salt & Pepper