Old Soul GEC-61
Old Soul GEC-61

Old Soul GEC-62
Old Soul GEC-62

Old Soul GEC-61
Old Soul GEC-61



Old Soul Bracelets

Naturally relieve stress anytime, anywhere.

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Bored? Anxious?

Pull the beads one by one in between your fingers.

Notice how simply holding them has a satisfying calming effect.

Try fidgeting and squeezing the beads to help relieve stress and relax the body.

Fidgeting can help people with add & ad/hd improve focus and attention.

Especially useful for learning, listening, thinking, reading and writing. 


This is the swirl and it's one of the more satisfying and convenient fidgets.

Try it next time you're bored or pondering your next creative idea !

You don't have to be a surgeon to care about your hand health.

Training your fine motor skills has never been easier for the entire family.

Some of our exercises are challenging but here is an easier one. 

These movements are especially great for musicians, athletes, people who

work with their hands and anyone who want's to improve their dexterity.

Untitled design.gif

"As someone who struggles

with anxiety and panic attacks,

this bracelet is awesome"

- Laura

"It’s a good looking bracelet that I wear for the aesthetic, yet it keeps me calm when things get tough. Love it."

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